Aeon Timeline 3 is here!

Good news: Aeon Timeline 3 hit the stores and I think it’s great. Syncing with Scrivener got much better.
I was a beta tester and I made a little video showing the new features. I also made a few tutorials, but those are in German (maybe some of you can understand them).

Here is the YT-Video I made.


Update: I activated automated English subtitles for the german tutorials. Some of it is utter nonsense, but I think it might be okay enough to understand the message.


I don’t understand the “one year upgrades” policy. Does it means that purchasing or upgrading gives only one year of updates, unless you subscribe to the following years?


Yes, seems so. Aeon Timeline License Policy. You get updates for 1 year after purchasing. After that year passes, your software still works, but you won’t get updates until you pay for another year’s worth.

This seems like a nice compromise to me between a pure subscription model, where you have to pay annually to keep the software functioning, versus Scrivener’s “big bang” model, where you pay for a major upgrade every few years.



I’ve seen a number of applications go with that model. Speaking as a user, not L&L staff, I like it. A year is long enough to make sure you get bug fixes relevant to the features you actually paid for, but your data isn’t trapped if you simply decide that the software isn’t useful enough to justify an ongoing investment.

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“In the future you will own nothing and you’ll be happy”

You‘ll own it forever, you just don’t get further updates. And you can even decide to come back, like, three years later and buy another year of updates and be back on the latest version. I think it’s a perfect compromise.

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Good to see you embracing the “and you’ll be happy” part.

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