AEON TIMELINE and Scrivener/Windows (version 2.0 to come)

Patiently eager for AEON TIMELINE and Scrivener/Windows version 2.0 upcoming integration.

Thank you,

I’m not sure what this is a request for. Scrivener doesn’t actually handle any of the integration. Aeon Timeline is aware of the project format, and uses it to embed its own information into your project. What is missing for it to reliably do that right now is custom meta-data, which will be coming in the next major version of Scrivener.

call it a request/encouragement. can’t wait for scrivener/aeon timeline meta-data integration.

Those of us (my experience with aeon forum boards-three or four person aeon users) that use aeon and scrivener love the export then import to scrivener from aeon, but look forward to version scrivener and the aeon connectivity.

thanks and love being here.

All right, thanks! As I say, custom meta-data is coming, and that’s the main ingredient we need to provide for Aeon to work with Windows. Glad to hear you are finding both to be useful tools.

Any guess on upgrade to version 2?

I’ve got detailed progress access, dev builds and constant feedback with the development team, but even I don’t have a clue. :slight_smile: We’re not making any announcements until we are much closer. Right now the focus is on the 1.7 beta, as that will be the foundation for much to come.

Just to add my agreement with what Ioa has said: Aeon needs custom meta-data support in Scrivener for the integration to be completed.

Once that is available in Scrivener for Windows the integration can be completed. I will pester Keith and Lee often enough to make sure I get an advanced copy of the official release to have it ready at the same time.