Aeon Timeline interview on Reader/Writer podcast

Hi guys,
I thought there might be a few people on these forums who may have been interested in this, even if just to make fun of my Aussie accent as I awkwardly stumble over my words and insert “you know” far more often than I realised…

Earlier in the month, I was interviewed by Ben and Mary-Ellen from the Reader/Writer podcast. Aside from talking about Aeon Timeline, we also discuss some book picks for the month and drift onto a few other topics such as autonomous robot armies (it’s a day job thing).

That episode came out on November 1, and is here: … n-timeline

You can get access to the podcasts via iTunes podcasts etc. also if you search for “Reader/Writer”.

More generally, they focus predominantly on Speculative Fiction, and have lots of interviews with authors about their work, targeted discussions about writing where Ben asks the same question of lots of different authors, and talk about books and TV shows they like as well.

I have been listening to a few episodes in my car as I drive to work over the last few weeks. As you might expect, Scrivener seems to get a mention pretty often when they talk to authors about what they use.

Let the mocking begin :slight_smile:


Just looking for my encyclopaedia of mocks-n-pisstakes.

Back Soon

Have at it… I can take you and your kitten down!

(somehow I knew you would be the first to respond to an invitation like that!)

Typical Aussie dingo dodger’s presumptuousness, if you’ll f’give my mentioning it.

Because I was looking for my OEEoMaP, it doesn’t automatically follow, that I was intending to use it. As a matter of fact, my wife wanted to borrow it, to jot down a few notes/prompts, to have to hand, for when she Face Times her obnoxious brother in-law in NZ. t’night.

Now then, for the record, I do have a modicum of admiration for your efforts in the field of Computer Program Development. Especially having overcome the handicaps of your nationality, your unfortunate accent and funny squeaky voice.

It’s no secret aboard Scriv, that I would hold you in even higher regard, had you had the gumption to take advantage of the advice I offered you, freely and in good faith, apropos the use of certain imagery below for inclusion by your customers, if they so chose, in the final visualisation of their own inimitable timeline creations
Be back soon, when I heard all the podcast

LOL. I’m only ~25 minutes in, but unless you completely fall apart in the latter half, ya done good.

Trust me, I spend my days listening to people answer interview questions, and you’re much more articulate than most. :smiley:

Now, see, I’m impressed. Because most people would go straight for the cliches, and wouldn’t take the time to do the research to find out about the wild camel problem in Australia.

But not you, there’s an undercurrent of meticulous research and sophistication in your taunts, which makes them hurt all the more! :mrgreen:

I fear you’re comparing me against quite a low benchmark there… :smiley:

But still, it was a bit of early morning fun.

[size=150]Hey Dodger!![/size] [size=200]V[/size] [size=150]WOSSISS?? [/size]
[size=150]Fella’s a genius!! NUFF SAID[/size]

PS [size=150]bet I finish [/size] [size=150]before you do!![/size]

Yeah, but there aren’t enough marsupials in there for your liking…

I have the head start, because the book is on my bedside table. But its still a fair bet.


Nah!!! It’s da concept man… da concept. init… eh?