Aeon Timeline Licence in exchange for Graphics Work?

Hi All,
I have some icons and other images inside Aeon Timeline that need to be updated, mostly due to Apple’s new retina display.

This mostly means doubling their size, and then cleaning up the rough edges this would doubtless create. Unfortunately, anything beyond applying an affine transform to make it bigger is too much for me, so I am hoping there is a kind soul out there who will be able to do it for me.

What I need
If there is anyone around here that knows their way around an image editor, I would be happy to give someone a free licence of Aeon Timeline in exchange for updating the graphics for me.

In total, there are 18 toolbar icons, 10 small icons for the synchronise action, and perhaps a couple of others.

Hopefully it wouldn’t take very long for someone who knows what they are doing.

If you got really excited, you could make nicer images for the Welcome screen than the ones I created last weekend (that ugly thing shown alongside ‘Example Timelines’), but that is not essential.

When I need it
I would like to get this done quickly, ideally within the next day or so, as it is the last thing holding me back from submitting to the Mac AppStore.

If you happen to fit the bill, or know anyone that does, please let me know. Reply here, or tweet @AeonTimeline, or email to


[size=150]I knew you’d come round to my way of thinking in the end :wink: Good on y’ mate! [/size] :laughing:

There’s more if you want 'em.[/size]

FYI - I’ve emailed you (just in case it’s got marked as spam)

Hi Andy,
Thanks, just replying to your email now.

I have been meaning to all afternoon, but figured with my time zone, it didn’t matter when :slight_smile:

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We have proper dental care in our country, so we actually have a set in between baby teeth and those.

Our icon designer offers incredibly reasonable rates (Janik Baumgartner) and is a joy to work with - I can highly recommend him. :slight_smile:

Thanks Keith,
I will keep that in mind for future work if I need to get any larger work done.

In this case, it was just re-scaling the graphics, and Andy has done an admirable job for me and earned his free licence :slight_smile: