Aeon with Windows version

I’ve more or less decided to get Aeon to make life easier, and I see now that it can sync with the Windows version of Scrivener. I have Scrivener version My questions are a) Do I have to wait for Aeon 2 to be released in order to sync with Scrivener, and b) is the most recent version of Scrivener, or will that need updating?

Thanks in advance.

Since Aeon 2 is still in beta, and, if I remember rightly, some people have been having trouble sync’ing with Scrivener from version 2, I’d go for Aeon 1 which is fully functional and will sync, and also I think I’m right in saying that if you buy it now, you’ll get a free upgrade to v. 2 when it’s released (and can try v. 2 beta currently).

Another word of caution: currently there is no manual to Aeon 2 nor any help system, so if you’ve not been using any timeline software, especially Aeon 1, leaping directly into Aeon 2 will be a bit of a leap in the dark.


Long term Scrivener user, pretty casual Aeon user (both versions) who has not yet used sync’ing between the two, and is not related to either Lit&Lat, nor Scribblecode. :slight_smile:

I’ll go for version 1, then. Thank you. :smiley:

So, life got in the way a bit and I haven’t yet got around to buying Aeon. Does anybody know if the bugs in 2 are still present?

Most of the bugs are worked out. There are still some requested additional features that haven’t been gotten to. Scrivener syncing works fine. Well worth the money.

I’m currently having trouble getting ATL2 to sync with my Scriv 1.8.6. I’ve spent hours working on the problem. I’ll probably go back to version 1, but unfortunately, there are some nice features in version 2 that are hard to resist.

We may have discussed this on the ATL forum, but what problems are you having?

Thanks for the help! I’ve brought this up in that forum, also.

Very straightforward. I create a new Scriv project in a folder. Close it. I create an ATL2 timeline. I choose File/Project Sync/Choose Project.

The scenes are there. I copy one to the timeline. The green checkmark appears, all is good.

I exit ATL2, and restart it. All is still good.

I exit ATL2, open Scriv, close Scriv, Open ATL2: The scene now longer shows as synced, it shows as New Document.

To demonstrate that I’m not hallucinating, this screenshot shows how I can move the same scene onto the timeline multiple times:

Not sure I understand your point. If scenes aren’t synced, click on the two curved arrows at the top. I don’t know what the significance of being able to drag the same scene onto the timeline multiple times is. How is ATL supposed to know that’s not what you want to do?

Clicking on the curved arrows makes no difference. No syncing occurs. ATL2 thinks they are all “new documents.”

I don’t know what the significance of being able to drag the same scene onto the timeline multiple times is.
It demonstrates that the docs are not properly linked up between ATL2 and Scriv. If things worked as they should, it wouldn’t allow you to drag the same scene into the timeline.

Here’s how it should work, and how it works until I open and close Scriv:

That is, the scene shows as synced (green check mark), and ATL2 will not let me drag it onto the timeline.

Don’t know what to say. I now understand about the multiple same scenes - that shouldn’t happen. As far as the syncing, I’ve never experienced the problems you’re having. I suggest you email Matt Tobin directly: