"Affiliate" badges

All right, I know there has got to be a better place for me to say this, but I can’t find it, so here you go. Moderator, please edit me to the correct bit of the forum.

What’s on MY wish list is a graphic or badge available from the site that I can put on my blog or website that has the Scrivener icon and/or a little text that says, “I write with Scrivener” or something. This is because I adore the program and I’ve been pitching it to all my writing friends, and I have a writing blog where I think I could pitch it more, if with more subtlety, beside my “Made on a Mac” and “Firefox best yet” badges (ala spreadfirefox.com/?q=affiliates/homepage).

I’d just yoink a graphic off the forum and edit it for my uses but that seems morally wrong or illegal or something irritating like that.

Hi Jen,

It’s very nice of you to want to do this! And it’s not a bad idea. I’ve added it to the list of things to do after the next version is ready. But feel free to take a graphic from the website and edit it for this purpose if you would like - I’m flattered that you like Scrivener so much!

Sincere thanks and all the best,

Great, thanks! I made one up:

But I’m sure the official one will look better.

If anyone else wants this one it’s free for the taking (though please download it and host it yourself.)

And by the way, if I seem overenthusiastic about the program, it’s because I’m a fiction writer who has always been able to write a good deal but just sporadically. Since I got Scrivener in January I’ve written 100,000 words on a very regular schedule. I think I owe it to having the projects laid out so beautifully and the psychological mind-set of “writing now” that I get when I open the application. So I’m very enthusiastic, yes.

Sounds pretty good in Italian too:
“Io scrivo con Scrivener”




Good idea!
Here in spanish: