Affiliate program: Windows trial version has disappeared!

A reader just told me she would like to try Scrivener out from my affiliate link, but the EST version (trial) link is no longer valid and eSellerate no longer offers an EST link. Is it a bug? I dearly wish it would be back, it is a HUGE help to promote Scrivener out there.
Thank you for your help.

Hi KillerWhale,

I just wanted to let you know we’re looking into this, as we were not aware of the eST supported services having been removed. We’ll let you know when we have more news. Thanks for supporting Scrivener as an affiliate!

Thanks for the update! I’m staying put. Please let us know when it’s back up, so that we can update our links :slight_smile:

Hello KillerWhale,

I’m afraid it isn’t good news. You’re probably already aware, but here’s some detail with regard to what eST is:

About eST.jpg

eSellerate advised us that there was a chance that affiliates were not receiving due commission when a licence purchase was being made directly from a trial of Scrivener, which is obviously a situation that we didn’t want occurring at all. As eST functionality is platform specific, something we couldn’t provide to sales affiliates offering Mac licensing for Scrivener, we decided to remove the functionality. You can still point enquiries to our trial for Scrivener if you wish, but request that interested parties come back and utilise your application link when purchasing. Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as eSellerate can provide eST tracking across both Mac OS X and Windows, we’ll be looking at reintroducing it without the possibility of any in-app glitches.

All the best,

Aaaah that’s very sad to hear :frowning: That eST was a real boon to have people check the software out through our platforms. Please consider reintroducing them for both platforms as soon as possible, as it is a much needed tool! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey guys, any news about this? It’s REALLY helpful to promote Scriv…

Sorry, no, nothing new. As David said, we’re waiting on eSellerate to provide the (fixed!) option for tracking on both Mac and Windows, at which point we’ll look at re-enabling the eST trial versions. When we’re able to do this, we’ll announce it through one or more of our news outlets. I’ll check with David for any more particulars on that, so you’ll be sure to find out whenever this happens.

Okay great, thank you! Great to hear I don’t have to watch that thread :slight_smile: I’ll stay put and look forward to the official update then.

Hey guys, I was just checking in, wondering if those demo versions were to return at some point? They were super handy to convince people to get into Scrivener. Thanks!

You can always download the free trial versions directly from our site, here:


Thank you, but this is not what I am asking. As you will see in the initial post, there used to be downloadable trial versions where our affiliate code was embedded and that we could offer so that, in the event of a sale, we would get our commission. These versions were taken down and I was advised in that thread they would come back at some point. Hence my asking on an update.
Since the question itself has been misunderstood, I guess the answer is never… That’s really a pity.

Ah, sorry for the confusion.

The actual answer is “I don’t know,” as I’m not involved in the affiliate program.


Hi KillerWhale,

The eST route will not be reimplemented for the foreseeable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the Scrivener trial on either macOS or Windows available to potential customers. As long as people have clicked on your affiliate link in the first instance, there is no time issue related to them going off and using our 30 days of use trial before completing their transaction. I got this point recently clarified by a member of eSellerate, who I’m sure you’re aware are the third-party providing the system:

“The cookie that is placed on the user’s machine (from the Landing Page URL) does not have an expiration. This will reside on the user’s machine as long as they do not delete it.”

So, as long as the customer using the trial completes their purchase of Scrivener on the same computer they initially pressed an affiliate link, any due commission should be apportioned appropriately. Simply provide your affiliate links first, requesting that a potential customer clicks on the relevant link before downloading our free trial. Hope that information helps.

All the best,

Hello DMJ and thank you very much for that detailed answer!
That helps a lot, thank you, and that will allow us to provide trials so that people might discover the software. I will have to see the best way to do that, but that might work. Still regret the ESTs though :slight_smile:
All the best,