After Add Project to Favorites: No Text Input

Today I opened a project then searched for “Favorites” in Help/Search. I chose Add Project to Favorites.

From that point on, I couldn’t type any text anywhere in Scrivener. With each keypress, I’d hear the Mac’s error beep. Closing the project and reopening it solved that problem.

I’m able to reproduce that reliably.

Is that a bug?

I haven’t seen anything like that before, and giving it a quick try (3.1 / macOS 10.14) it appears to be leaving the cursor where I left it.

Do any other commands that you invoke from the Help search tool result in the same condition?

No, and it turns out that even if I don’t execute it from the help menu, I get the same thing.

I’m not finding that it doesn’t happen every time, but I can still get it to happen.

I’ve made a movie of it showing this: I open Scrivener, I put the cursor in the search tool, type two letters, from the help, type in fav, select Remove Project from Favorites. At that point no text may be entered. Menus work, I can click in a document, but I can’t do any typing.

Let me know how to share a quicktime movie here, or I can put it somewhere.

Here’s the video:

Very strange indeed. I see the cursor is blinking normally, so it’s not something like a stray modal dialogue somewhere lost. Is the input stuck in the help menu maybe? If you click on Help again do you see the letters you typed in supposedly elsewhere?

Well 3.1 just hit the update stream, so you might as well give it a try with that.

It happens with V 3.1.1 also.