After block quote formatting

So, it is perfectly possible to have a preset for body text after an block quote (the same as body text, but without an initial indent) in the editor.
My question is whether this can but reproduced on compile. I don’t see how.



No, unfortunately that kind of fine-grained formatting is going to require a finishing application like Word or some other layout program. The best you could do is draw a Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting block around the quote and the following paragraph. You could then, in the Formatting compiler pane, stipulate that Preserve Formatting only preserves alignment and indents. This can be done by clicking the “Options” button, in that pane. So long as you aren’t using Preserve Formatting for more complete retention (like code blocks that require a fixed width font), this is safe to do.

I presume you already have done some tweaking to this since you are using block quote indenting with compile—and by default those would get wiped out with standard ruler settings, but if not, this tip will be valuable for handling block quotes, too.

One other tip: you can save Preserve Formatting into the preset as well. This means you don’t need to manually apply it every time (in the future). In fact the default preset kit includes a block quote with preserve already enabled—you would just need another for the post-block-body preset.