After crash need help to retrieve files

Hi, I recently had to have my hard drive rebuilt due to a nasty virus. I saved all of my files but have had to reinstall all of my programs, including Scrivener. Now that I have reinstalled Scrivener, I can’t figure out how to get my old files back into the Scrivener program. When I go to the files, they are confusing, and they won’t open, even when approached from the Scrivener application. Please help! What do I do, step by step??

In your file browser, go to the .scriv folder. Open it and double-click on the file the ends in .scrivx That should suffice to open that project in Scrivener and add it to the recent files list.

Hmmm… Well, I’m afraid I don’t see anything marked as scrivx. I am using Windows 8, which means that it is not easy to find basic file types, I’m afraid. If I am in the Scrivener app, I click on Open Existing Project, which takes me to my files. I open Dropbox - where I keep EVERYTHING - and go to the file where I used to keep these documents. I see the folder I called ebook.scriv where my major project (and the one I really need to access) is located. Within that folder I see other folders: files, settings, snapshots, project. Within each of those are additional folders, but nothing is really in them when I open them.

Can you give me more specific step by step instructions? Clearly I’m not knowledgeable enough to figure this out on my own! Thanks!

There should be a “project” file in the top level .scriv folder. It’s the one that ends in “scrivx”. If you have the “Type” column visible in your file list, it’s type is “SCRIVX File”. It should be the only non-folder there. Chose that from Scrivener’s Open Project file chooser.

I’m sorry for just not getting it, but where is this top-level scriv folder located?

If you open Dropbox, you said you found your “ebook.scriv” folder there. That whole folder is the “top-level” folder Robert’s referring to; it, and all its contents, make up your Scrivener project. Inside that folder you should find a “project” file–I believe you already mentioned that you did see this in there–that’s the one you want to select and open in Scrivener to open the project.