After exporting to Word does text disappear from Scrivener File? Or did that happen when I updated to V3 (Mac)

After updating to V3 I opened a file that I had exported to Word that had been created in V2. There was nothing in it. I’m new to Scrivener, so I wasn’t sure if all the content was removed when I exported (this didn’t make sense to me) or something happened to the file. I’m not completely freaked out since the file exists in Word (it is a 95,000 word completed MS BTW), but I’m concerned. What do I do when I have to do rewrites, import from Word back into Scrivener? Thanks

Did you open the project in Scriv 3 using File -> Open or how did you do it?

yes. File>open

And did Scriv3 ask if you wanted to update the project?

Yes – and I did. And there was no text in the file in any of the folders, including “research.”

I think you need to describe in much more detail everything you did, because if you have a Scriv 2 project and just open it in Scriv 3, Scrivener simply opens it. The old Scriv 2 version is still there, renamed, in the same folder.
So where did you keep your projects? Did you move anything. Did you copy anything from somewhere else? Details, please.

Because if you open a project and only have the binder and no content, it sounds as if you have copied the .scrivx file from somewhere and managed to open only that.

  1. If you select the manuscript folder in the binder and then press CMD 1, do your words appear?

  2. Do you see the files and folders you created in the binder (but no text)?

  3. If you search for a word you know you wrote, does that word show up as a search result?

  4. Scrivener 3 will have duplicated your project when you first opened it in the new format. Can you find the duplicate backup and open that? Does that have the missing text?

Exporting or compiling text from Scrivener is not destructive, so your words should be safe, unless something else has gone awry.

Hi lunk and JoRo,

So, this morning I opened the backup file that was created when I opened it yesterday only to find that the contents were gone, but this time I opened it by double-clicking the file instead of using the commands open>file. And it was there! Yay! I have no idea what happened, but I am so happy it is there!

Good news.