After reinstalling Scrivener

Hi everyone,
Windows crashed on my computer a few weeks ago and naturally I hadn’t made any updates anywhere, because I’m smart.
With the help of a friend I recovered all my files, including my Scrivener projects, that were saved on the Skydrive. I just reinstalled Scrivener and I thought (because I’m smart) that my files would automatically appear in the program, which they didn’t, of course. Now I don’t know how to open them with Scrivener and going back to where they were, where they belong.
Oh, and I am working on back ups, because errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum. In other words, I’m smart.
Many thanks in advance for the answer!


  1. figure out where you put your scrivener files. perhaps: c:\users\chiara\documents\scrivener\Project Name
  2. Open Scrivener
  3. Pull down the file menu and choose open
  4. Go to a project, now that you know where it is and open it.
  5. Now you’ll be able to find it under File/Recent projects
    Repeat as necessary.

I need some help or at the very least confirmation I’ve not done anything wrong and a guide to solve my issue.
My laptop, which is where I write in Scrivener, was hosed, trashed and frozen! Bottom line some twisted freak got into my system :smiling_imp: .

So, I had to buy a new laptop… not a bad thing just a little inconvenient and vexing. I’m not really a techie at all, but can function reasonably with my machine writing and producing, etc.

I have projects and files written in scrivener, but have thankfully saved them on an external drive. But, due to the intrusion… I needed to reinstall the program on my new machine. So, I went to the site (following directions) and downloaded the program onto my new laptop. But, with every attempt I get an error message when I go to register it on this new machine. It says on the trial download and when I open the program, I have days left to get the full download… all I’m trying to do is reinstall the program on a new machine! WTH… when I go to the help menu and click on register, the same thing happens. What am I missing?

Can anyone out there help me? And please don’t just tell me to go the site, download the trial, etc., like the directions tell you to do. I’ve fiddled around with the ‘directions’ in doing so, to no avail to merely reinstall my program, so I can go back to work.

Strangely enough I have not received any feedback from Literature and Latte, which is equally frustrating. I’ve emailed them several times. I also find it terribly frustrating not to be able to talk to someone. My projects have laid idle now for nearly three days… not a good thing! Causing extra work by having to work in another word processing program, disjointedly.

Thank you in advance to those who are willing to help me. Cause I’m at a loss.
GWMozley :unamused:

From the manual (F1) in scrivener - Not much else to say. How do you expect them to know you purchased the software if you use in on another computer? Simple, you enter the license name and number they gave you when you purchased it, and told you to please be sure and save.

Also, there is no reason not to use the program for the 30 day trial while you look for your license key. The trial is fully functional. The program has a deactivate license, so you can deactivate it from a computer without losing one of your licenses for a computer.

If you’ve misplaced the serial number from your original purchase, you can recover it here: