After update (1.02) RTF files crash MS Word and Bookends

Keith, I just finished another Chapter, and I tried to run it through Bookends, but it crashes. When I try to open the file in Word, it crashes too. I can open the file in Pages, but I lose my footnotes, and, of course, I can’t generate a bibliography.

If there is not a quick fix for this, can I open a 1.02 file with Scrivener 1.01?

1.02 files open fine on 1.01. Are the footnotes that are causing the problems Scrivener footnotes (in the grey bubble)? There is nothing really different in the RTF files between 1.01 and 1.02… Do the files open in Mellel or Nisus (which should retain footnotes)? Can you send me an RTF file that causes a crash? Obviously I can’t be responsible for Word crashes. :slight_smile:

Keith, I hope you had a good break. I isolated a section of my project that makes Word crash. When I export the other sections, they open fine in MS Word, except one (which I’m sending you by e-mail).

Is it possible that the OS 10.4.9 has a new library to handle RTF exports?