After update Scrivener will not start

When I install the latest update (version Scrivener refuses to start. I don’t get any error message, nothing happens at all. If I then uninstall and re-install (version Scrivener opens OK.
I am running Windows 7.
Any suggestions? Cheers.

Did you try using the full installer for 1.6 rather than just running the auto-update? If not I’d try that first–uninstall 1.5.7 completely and then download 1.6 from the website and install that.

Hi Mimetic, thanks for your reply.
I was previously just updating but have downloaded and installed the full installer for 1.6 as you suggested. Scrivener now opens the small New Project window but freezes when I try to either create a new project or open and existing project. I’m stuck.

Hmm. Could you try booting in Safe Mode and launching Scrivener there to see if you can start a new project or open an existing one? This isn’t a common problem, so I’m wondering if there’s some other software running in the background that’s conflicting with Scrivener. Running temporarily in Safe Mode will reduce the number of extras that load when you log in to Windows.

Thanks for replying.
I booted in safe mode and Scrivener was fine. After turning off a couple of things running at StartUp in Scrivener is opening projects again.
Much appreciated!

Glad to hear it! Do you mind sharing what the programs were that you turned off? It’d be good to have a list to compare against in case this problem comes up for other users; one of them might be particularly causing a problem that we’d need to investigate.

Hi Jennifer.
The program I turned off was acrotray.exe