AfterMarket Tool - file modified date and time

I hugely desire/need to know when I last modified the rtf files in my project, ignoring the meta data associated with the files. I have been told that Scrivener can not do so and there is no intention to do so.

I need to track edit changes I have made to my story and could really care less about when I changed the meta data. Is there any after market tool out there that can do this??

Please. Manually tracking edits to 100K words spread across 120 rtf files is a nightmare!

Thanks, Doug

You could take a look at It works only with plain text, but you might find a lead there, or an idea, for dealing with rtf. Or — shudder, wince — you could reset all your files to plain text.


I thought Scrivener stored all text in rtf files, but I may be wrong. Whatever Scrivener stores them as, I’m looking for a tool to help me track date of text changes of my Scrivener text files, whereas Scrivener tracks date of last data or metadata change. And I would like to do it within Scrivener rather than muck about with an additional set of steps. Afterall, Scrivener does know the file name, and the file does record date and time of change.


The trouble is that if you edit the synopsis or notes to a document, the main text gets resaved too, so the modified date of the RTF inside the .scriv package still wouldn’t give you what you want, sorry.

All the best,