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Hi everyone.

I love Scrivener, but concerning text editing, I use it in a very basic and linear way, let’s say for exaggeration, like a smart typewriter. A very smart one :blush: .
I know there are lots of tips about paged break around here, but I have a doubt to which I couldn’t find an answer yet.
If I want to change the page after, say, ten lines of text, without changing the section or chapter, how can I do it?

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You can insert a page break manually.


Unless you are using page view it’ll be invisible, but if you check the option to show invisibles,
it’ll display as an horizontal blue line across the editor.

Hello, Vincent_Vincent.

I swear I have searched, but probably my eyes were looking for something else.

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Hi, Vincent_Vincent. I’m sorry to have to come back here, but something is wrong.

The Page Breaks, do not jump to the next page and feathers what you see below in the text. This happens with compilation to .pdf, .rtf and .docx.
The Page Break do not jump to the next page and only appear in the text, what you see below. This happens with compilation to .pdf, .rtf and .docx.

I don’t know if I was clear, but what I need is that when inserting the Page Break, there is nothing else on that page and the text starts over on the next page.

Will you please try to understand what is causing this?

Thank you.


Those # could maybe be from your compile format separators being set to custom (?)

But that doesn’t quite match your description of your issue by which I understood that what you wanted was to force a page break inside a single document (without it being split across two documents (?))
Separators are only added at compile as an inbetween of documents.

Anyways, # is the default for “between sections” custom separator, so maybe that is where your issue resides. (An educated guess at best on my part.)

Some compile formats also replace blank lines with # depending on the section layout.

Hello Vincent_Vincent

You are certainly right, but I have searched through all the possible menus and panels and can’t find anything called “Compile Format Designer” nor any Menu similar to the one you display here.

I also searched the Manual and in:
23.2.3 Creating a New Format
2. Click the + in the footer bar, and select “Duplicate & Edit Format…”,
But clicking the + sign it creates a new text page, nothing else.

23.2.5 Importing and Exporting Compile Formats
a) Click the . . . button (or right-click anywhere in the sidebar) and select the “Import Formats…” option.
But the Menu I see is this:

My folder on the disk, “Compile Formats” is empty…

So, can you please tell me what it is that I am not seeing?

Thank you very much.


No one has searched through all the possible menus and panels.

Click the Compile button in the Toolbar.
Double-click the Format you use in the left column.
If necessary, copy and edit the Format.
Now the Compile Format Designer window opens.
Check the Title in the Title bar of the window.

Here you can change settings influencing the Compile results.

@AmberV : This is why we need a visible button at the bottom of the left column in the Compile Overview window.

Thank you very much AntoniDol
I am enlightened.

Rui Freitas

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Is this the best you can do, drmajorbob?
It’s a shame it may displease you, but I will keep coming here as long as there are people who like to help instead of using the forum to show off and try to be funny.

My post was levity (and contains a grain of truth). Yours, on the other hand …

(Sometimes I don’t have time to spend an hour solving someone else’s problem.)

Might then be a good time to zip it.


I did zip it, after giving my opinion that no one checks everything that could be checked. I’ve been doing this ten years, and I get surprised almost every week.

Sleeping threads should be allowed to lie, so I’m closing this one.