Ah silly me

Renamed the folder where I keep my novel while Scrivener was open, When I went back to Scriv it said it couldn’t find the location to save to, and was saving to some backup location, and would now close.

I clicked OK. It closed. Reopened, and the last couple of days work (since I last closed and started Scriv) is gone. I did not note down where it was writing the back up to.

Any ideas where I can restore that backup from?

I can stop panicking. Found it just in Documents. Restored. Sorted. Still sweating a little though.

Hello Ka,
To save you sweating on the possibility of losing work, I would suggest you ensure your back ups are in order. As well as saving your work normally or with the auto save. the program will back up your work to a location you desire. Go to Tools / Options / Backup and set up your back ups . That way whatever happens, you will have access to your recent work.

Check your backup settings. If you only have “backup on close” ticked, then there won’t be any backups if you never close the project. Maybe you should tick “backup on manual save”, to increase the chance of having recent backups.