Alarm Clock Woe

Wasn’t sure if this belonged here or in Tech Support, but I threw it in here because it’s more the other app’s problem than Scrivener’s.

I recently bought Alarm Clock Pro (wouldn’t have normally, but it was part the recent MacUpdate promo that bundled it with Mellel, LightZone, Bookends, and a bunch of other apps for $50…couldn’t resist). Anyway, I like the little clocks that come with it, and thought they’d be a nifty way of keeping track of time while in fullscreen mode in Scrivener—it has some pretty cool clocks, and you can make your own, which I have. But the problem is, when I go into fullscreen mode in Scrivener, the clocks vanish! I’m using QuartzClocks right now, which doesn’t have that problem, so it’s not like it’s a life-and-death matter, but it’s still irritating.

I realize this is an issue with Alarm Clock Pro, not really with Scrivener, but if anyone here knows of a way to get it to work, I’d appreciate it. I’ve already contacted the makers of Alarm Clock Pro to see if they could help, but so far haven’t received any response.

Good news. The Alarm Clock Pro people wrote back and have added the ability to float above fullscreen modes to a list of potential new features. Hopefully it makes it in soon.