alarm when word count target is reached

Not sure if this is perhaps in the app and I’m missing it, but the best thing about putting a target on word count is to know that when you reached the amount of words you set for the story, some popup will show up to congratulate you (or to issue a warning that your thesis is done, word-wise).

is this possible?

I never really liked this kind of thing. The reason being that if are in mid-flow of a sentence, it can be incredibly distracting to have an alarm sound off. Even worse for a pop-up to appear which would physically prevent you from typing. I definitely think that this sort of thing is best left understated…

How about a little indicator near the word count that changes from red (not yet at target) to green (at or above target)? Small, subtle, but easy to spot without taking the time to think about the actual numbers.

And if you have no target set, it would disappear, for those who dislike targets :slight_smile:

mmm, interesting janra.
KB can this be done?
I see your point and you are right it would be annoying, but janra’s idea is good.
another thing that could be nice if this feature or the target bar be visible in fullscreen mode, next to the word count.

It would also be nice if I had a whole team and unlimited resources, and didn’t have ambitions to write in Scrivener myself. :wink:

There will be no target bar in full screen for the foreseeable future. One problem is that I would have to create my own full-screen progress bar control.

All the best,

Just so you know, I wasn’t thinking of a progress bar. My suggestion was just for a little dot of colour sitting beside the word count.

I wouldn’t like any kind of interrupting “you reached your target” notification either. For most things, if I set a target it’s a minimum (eg, doing NaNo) and going over is encouraged; if I set a target for a maximum or exact count, I still wouldn’t want to be interrupted because I’d want to finish what I had to say and then edit it up or down in word count as needed.