Alias Files Updating

Hi All. Is there an easy way to update files that have been imported using the -Import Research Files as Aliases- command, so that changes I make to that file (usually a PDF) are reflected in the alias version in Scrivener? Or do I need to delete and re-import the file? I’m hoping there’s something similar to DevonThink’s -Update Indexed Files- command.

If there’s not an easy way to update the aliases, I think I could add the files to a document’s reference panel until I’ve finished annotating them and then either import fully or as an alias once done. This is less than ideal if I want to annotate/edit a document on an ongoing basis, though it would be workable. I’ve seen some changes to Version 3’s document/project notes and references panel, would I still be able to add references to external files this way if needed?

Hello! Have you figured out anything to resolve this? I have a similar question about the use of PDF files and aliases in the Binder vs in the References panel. If not, I’ll post my question to the board. Thanks!

What exact problem are you having? An alias should update, although Scrivener may cache the file to speed things up and therefore the Scrivener “view” of the object does not update unless the cache is flushed?

Scrivener 3 will still allow the referencing I think you are talking about…