Aliased Folder in Binder

I would love to see the ability to import a folder into the binder as an alias to the corresponding folder in the finder.

It is much easier for me to dump related files into a folder in the finder than to try and remember which individual files I may or may not have imported into scrivener.

Any chance this would be considered in the future? This is an extremely important feature for me and I would love to convert but will have to stick with JournalX that has this implemented well.

Hi Brett,

I’m afraid this is not on the cards for Scrivener, as it would conflict with how Scrivener works. Scrivener’s whole philosophy is to allow you to have your files available in one project, so that you don’t have to remember all the places they are scattered in the binder. This is, in fact, one of the reasons I created Scrivener in the first place - because I was fed up of having to try to remember where everything was in the Finder.

Moreover, Scrivener needs to convert text files in order to open them. Any text files imported are converted to RTFD. Internally, Scrivener also uses some special syntax to add annotations and footnotes to the RTFD files. So if Scrivener just linked to a folder on disk, it would not be able to open .doc files, .txt files or .rtf files, for instance. And if you modified RTFD files on disk that had been created by Scrivener, you would risk messing up any annotations or footnotes stored therein. So suddenly Scrivener would have to act more like a database, which is not really its purpose.

Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion, though.
Best regards,

Seems like a reasonable philosophy and something I may have to adapt to or may have to use more than one application. I am a scientist and use Scrivener as a way to manage the paperwork associated with individual projects. A big part of that is the writing of manuscripts and multiple drafts which Scrivener manages very well. The fact that Scrivener lets me attach references to is also very helpful.

The second part is more complicated and involves the research and workflow end of things. I have to manage a lot of individual PDF files and constantly reference them in regard to individual projects. And Scrivener works well for this because I can add a folder in the binder and put the PDFs inside. It allows me to jot short notes in the synopsis for quick reference or more lengthy ones as notes attached in the binder to individual PDFs.

The complications I have is in terms of workflow and it is much more efficient for me to obtain the PDF over the web and throw it into a categorized folder using something like quicksilver than to then import it into Scrivener. The other problem is that the same PDF may be used across different projects so I have to have the same file in multiple locations. There are not any other solutions out there as complete as Scrivener. And maybe I have to use Scrivener in combination with other software such as Devonthink, Yep, iPapers, JournalX, CircusPonies Notebook, etc.

I wonder if anyone else has some ideas who may use Scrivener similar to how I do. Thanks for your time and the great software.