Aligning LaTeX with Scrivener's text

I’m incorporating LaTeX with Scrivener. It’s largely successful, but I have an alignment problem. Example:
Note how the LaTeX snippet (on the right) is not aligned with the baseline of the regular text. How can I adjust this? I’ve experimented with many LaTeX techniques (\vphantom, etc), which seem to be ignored when LaTeXiT thinks there’s no reference point for the spacing.

Thanks for any insight! (145 KB)

If the idea is to use LaTeX to typeset equations and then generally otherwise not use LaTeX with Scrivener (using it more like a word processor), then you’ll have to adjust the baseline on these questions manually—and I wouldn’t say there is a good guarantee it will work perfectly. The commands are in the Format ▸ Font ▸ Baseline ▸ submenu; in my testing I got close, but not to the level of perfection I would get by using LaTeX to typeset the document.

And speaking on that, if the idea is to use LaTeX to typeset this ultimately, where Scrivener is more the writing tool used to create the .tex file, then I can’t see any good reason to insert a PDF file inline into the editor, vs just typing in the equation code and letting LaTeX do what it does best.

Looks like I never thanked you, AmberV. Thanks for giving it a shot; if you couldn’t get it, I probably can’t either.

(Yes, the idea was to use LaTeX as little as possible.) Based on this, I won’t use it for any inline items.