aligning to centre for compile

Hi - I’m using scrivener with mac for the first time & loving it!!! But, the story I am working with has a prologue. I have found using a blank template works best for me to get the prologue included in the page count when I compile and not called chapter I. My only problem is I can’t get the heading ‘PROLOGUE’ to remain aligned to the centre when I compile. Any suggestions? Other than that I am totally blown away by how awesome this app is! And that is from a very un-computer savy person. Thanks!!!

Glad to hear you’re liking Scrivener! It sounds like you are running up against how the compiler can work in some presets, where text formatting within the documents is normalised to a standard look. This is can very useful as it means you don’t really have to worry about what things look like while you are writing, but when you need to express something visually, that means you’ll have to tell the compiler you want that piece of text to be preserved. Select the title you are trying to keep centred, and use the Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting command. A blue box will be drawn around these zones so you know what is protected.

Of course another approach is to just turn all of that off (in the Formatting compile option pane, disable the option at the top to override text formatting), and then Scrivener will end up working more like a normal word processor. The choice is yours, to either let it handle formatting for you, none at all, or designate sections of your work to be protected.

Very simple - thanks!!!