Alignment of "Between Sections" Separators with Formatted "Notes" Section

Hello, L&L:

In an effort to distinguish the Notes entries from the Synopsis entries when compiling a custom “Synopsis” format, I’ve set up the Notes to be indented 0.5" from the left margin. Unfortunately, this format setting seems to carry over to the “#” separator, throwing it right of centreline in any place where the Notes section on a document isn’t empty. For example:

It looks like the formatting for the separator is being pulled from the notes section.

Here are the settings in my Compile formatting section:

Is there perhaps a way to set formatting specifically for “between section” separators? Some other solution?

Do you have the Ignore indents when centering custom separators option disabled, in the Separators compile format pane? Unless there is some other factor going on, that should be all you need to keep middles oriented to the margin width rather than the width adjusted by an indent offset.

That was it. They are perfect now. I should have known Scrivener already thought of that!
Glad it was something simple. Sorry to burn your time with something that was obvious (and in the manual!)