ALL CAPS, Lowercase, Title Case for Scrivener toolbar

Apologies if this is yet another toolbar request (I think I saw one asking for everything in the menu bar to be available in the toolbar, heh).

I do know how to change cases in the menu bar under format–>convert. I’m just a frequent flier, is all.

Thanks Scrivener. As always, I heart.


I also would like to have an easier handling for applying ALL CAPS [= Grossbuchstaben] for a text line by a button in the Scrivener toolbar, as well as in the window “Font settings” together with the effects “Underlined” and “Crossed out” (sorry for the translations, I am using the German version):

Text options.jpg

I need a a title preset in capital letters, tried by Format > Convert into capital letters, marking the title and Format > New preset from selection. Unfortunately, the newly created preset does not adopt the capitalized letters.

In the “Scriptwriting options”, however, I could built a corresponding scripting preset producing a capital letters’ title.

Scripting options.jpg

Thanks for your kind support & regards