All digits (finger/toes-n-eyes) crossed for The Wild Boars team

Eight kids already rescued :smiley:
Wishing the remaining four and their fantastic rescuers, all the very best of luck!!!

Final rescue effort well under way now. Hopefully, all will be saved, and Saman Kuman’s death will not have been in vain.
Bon Voyage, Saman.

Nice to see such brave efforts pay off.
Stay safe everybody,

Yeah, was incredible. I think the world needed some good news, know what I mean?

Do I? Oh yeah … more than you can imagine.
A truly heartening experience. But so terribly sad about Saman Kuman’s death.

Yes, indeedy. One can hope that his memory’s a blessing.

Yep! Whenever the Boars score a goal, Saman’s loved ones can justifiably claim that, “Our Saman helped score that goal!” :wink:

Wish the kids had t-shirts or something. Shipping would be twice as much as the shirt, but I’d buy one!

God love 'em all! … aman-kunan

"The boys confirmed that they will be entering into the Buddhist monkhood as a way of paying tribute to the former Seal, Saman Kunan, who died during the rescue operation.

While ordaining as a full monk is an option only available to men over 20, the boys will train as novices and will donate their merit to the memory of Saman, which is the highest honour in Buddhism." Quote from: … ibe-ordeal

The shamanic leader of a tribe of twelve boys leads them into a dark cave as a rite of initiation for the younger members. They are trapped by malevolent forces in the form of monsoon rains that fill the cave with water (a symbol of transformation, as used in baptisms) that cuts off their escape. After spending three-squared days in the land of the dead, they are discovered by angels who rise up from the depths. Death visits them as they prepare an escape.

They are given mind-altering drugs and make a magical escape on the wings of the angels using special equipment, as the waters threaten to rise up and destroy them. They squeeze through a small opening while submerged (obvious re-birth metaphor) and emerge triumphant. While recovering, they give thanks to the death sacrifice and pledge to live better lives so that the sacrifice will be honored. They have been transformed. They are now men.

The Thai cave story is Story of mythical power, carried out in real life in our technological world where such stories aren’t supposed to happen anymore. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of those sentiments are embodied in the screenplays of the six movies being proposed of the event. … tham-luang

It’s actually pretty common for people to live as Buddhist monks there. (I don’t think women are allowed to join up in that particular tradition?) It’s not a forever thing, either. Kind of like a spiritual gap year. :slight_smile:

I was director of a language school in Bangkok for 3½ years in the early 1970s. Originally, the tradition—established by the future King Chulalongkorn—was that every young man should spend 3 years as a monk. By the 1970s, 3 months was more common. Our office boy, Daeng, apparently gave up after 3 days on the grounds that it was so boring!


Heh, here, I’d think it would be fascinating. Then again I’ve known quite a few Benedictines, Trappists, and Camaldolese. :slight_smile:

I think I’d need a least two months to recuperate :cry: … st-novices