All Documents To Current Format

Okay, he’s a suggestion:

A lot of times, a person might find themselves needing to change the formatting of all the documents in a given project to be the same as the formatting in the current editor, but currently, it’s a complex task: One has to (1) Click in an editor containing the formatting you wish to use, (2) Open Preferences, (3) Go to the formatting pane, (4) Click “Formatting in Current Editor”, (5) Uncollapse the entire draft, (6) Select all the documents using Cmd-A, (7) Select "Document > Convert > Formatting to Default Style. . . " (8) Click back in the editor. Whew! What a long trip, involving both the keyboard and mouse! I’ve done this a bunch of times since I started using Scrivener, and it never ceases to be a cumbersome slam-on-the-breaks for whatever writing-momentum I had going. Now, I can’t be the only person who has ever needed such a function, right?

In order to simplify things, maybe there could be two new menu options that go something like this: “Document > Convert > All Documents To Current Format,” and for just changing selected documents to the current formatting, “Document > Convert > Selected Documents To Current Format”. Maybe the wording of the actual menu option is off from what it would ideally be, but that’s the general idea.

I know that the Compile feature almost renders the use of specialized formatting in documents to be an affectation of the author, in the cases of many simple writing tasks, but in the case of more complex ones — and for those of us who desire uniformity to our text while working on it, as well as others — such a feature would give us a quick and easy way to make sure all our documents use the same formatting, quickly and easily, and all by perfecting a single document’s formatting and then clicking a single menu option, rather than a 7-8 step process.

Andy H.

Or, you could just enter scrivenings mode and copy and paste the required formatting (Format > Formatting > Copy/Paste Formatting).
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Yeah, I guess that would work. I hadn’t thought of doing that . . . shows you how clever I am. :open_mouth:

Well, okay, I tried that, but there’s a limitation. . . You can copy and paste formatting, but you don’t get any control over what is or isn’t applied or preserved. So I’m going to go with my original feature request, thanks, since I’d need control over what it did and didnt’ change, the way the current “Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style” option does.

Thanks though for the suggestion,
Andy H.

How about setting up a shortcut for “Convert: Formatting to Default Text Style” in the System preferences? I have mine set to Ctrl-Cmd-H. Then in any document or in a Scrivening’s session, no messing about with menus, just hit the shortcut, choose what you want to change and return. Done.

I’d like to make it Ctrl-Cmd-D, but that’s “Dictionary”, which I probably use more often, and H is convenient with the Ctrl-Cmd combination.

And I’ve swapped “Paste” and “Paste and Match Style” key combos, so anything I copy and paste in is in the format I want too.



This is a pretty unusual feature request, so it’s a “no”, I’m afraid. :frowning: I’m not really clear on why you need to do this so often. I can see that you might need to do it if you have imported a number of documents, but that is what Convert to Default is for - I’m not sure why you would need to do this continually, though.
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I use Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-D, which I don’t think has any conflicts, and has the side benefit of triggering the Opt-click in the menu method which waives the “What all do you want to change…” window, and just goes straight to changing everything.