All Files Blank

I tried to move a project from one computer to another using a zip drive. I didn’t realize at the time but I hit “move” instead of “copy,” so it’s no longer on the old computer at all. Now, on the new computer I can see all the names of the files in my scrivener binder, but none of them show a single word. I don’t even understand the problem enough to troubleshoot it, but suffice to say I’ve spent several hours trying to find an older version, etc. I also thought I had it on cloud somewhere but seem to have been wrong about that too.

Please help!

Did you move the whole .scriv folder or only the .scrivx file?
If you only moved the .scrivx file, move it back.

To see where backups are stored, look under Tools -> Options -> Backup, and check if they are stored as zip-files