All files greyed out on reinstall

Hi, I just had to rebuild my MacBook Pro (quad core i7 late 2013) program by program.
Downloaded Scrivener, registered, when I open Scrivener and go to open a Scrivener file, all existing files are greyed out. However, I have an alias (to a greyed out file) that does open. I opened it, saved-as and now that file can be opened directly as well as via the alias.
Any ideas?

When you say “all existing files are greyed out”, what exactly are you referring to:

  • the files within the package contents which you’ve opened to look at?
  • for Scrivener documents in the Binder?
  • files you browse using the File/Open dialogue?

If you do a Get Info (Command-I) on any of the greyed out files, what app does Finder tell you it will open with? If not Scrivener, then use the Get Info/Open With panel to select Scrivener as the app of choice and also click the ‘Change All’ button to ensure all such files are opened with Scrivener.