All formatting went bye-bye.[NOTED]

Not sure if this is really a bug or just bad luck on my end. Had recently (within a few hours) installed the 1.3 Beta.

I had a text open (about 13k words) and…it lost all of it’s formatting. I mean everything. All of the words were all on one line, basically.

I don’t know exactly what I did. I expect certain formatting bugs, but this was just completely unexpected so I can’t give a clear list of things to follow. I had been deleting files (empty folders and unused texts) and remember clicking on Corkboard/Outline/Text view (I believe I clicked on each at least once–kept clicking the wrong button) and then when I saw the Text view, all of the formatting went bye-bye. I didn’t click anything else, and I’m not even sure what I could have clicked to lose every bit of formatting I had.

I had started to actually type IN Scrivener since the lag issues were supposed to be gone (didn’t get a chance to test this much, unfortunately) and noticed the word count was off. So, the only good thing (for the writer in me, that is), is I had most of my work copied to Word to compare counts.

As I said before, I’m not sure if this was just something on my end or a bug that anyone else has encountered. I’ll see if I can duplicate the problem and see what I did exactly to be of better use, but I wanted to mention it.

ETA: There have been other posts about formatting issues, but I think mine is different as it isn’t just one particular element.

This is most probably related to RTF which we are working to fix at the moment. I have logged this anyway adding to the other formatting errors. Thank you for posting.