All images are copies?

A friend of mine bought Scrivener (at my suggestion) for writing and compiling his novel, but he’s doing something I had never played with. He’s using an image as each chapter header as well as a smaller image between scenes. It’s only 8 or so images repeating over and over again. I’m helping him with the compile settings and noticed his MOBI was huge. I saved source (thanks for adding that for me, btw!) and examined it and noted that Scrivener was using a separate image for each header.

I figured this was because he imported from Word, so I moved his images to a separate folder and then just used <$img:Chapter Header>, thinking that Scrivener would reuse the single image file each time. To my surprise, Scrivener actually took the image and made a copy every time it was used, thus defeating me entirely and leaving me with a file the same size.

Is it really necessary to make duplicates of the same image? Why not include the original image and just make all the tags point to the same one in the images/ subdirectory? Is there any trick I can use right now to fix this? He’s ready to publish, and I stopped him because a 3 MB MOBI file seemed excessive given Amazon’s policy of charging by the megabyte.

Hi Damon,

Doesn’t Edit > Insert… > Image Linked to File do what you’re asking for? Or are you referring to the compiled output?


I’m actually referring to the compiled output before running through kindlegen. I’m using <$img:Image Name> tags within the text itself, so Scrivener knows I’m talking about the same image over and over again. It’s just choosing to make duplicate copies for each use instead of reusing the same image file. At least so far as I can tell.

I’m guessing there’s no way to do this, eh? Probably already on somebody’s list for a future version. If not, it really should be. There’s no reason to keep making copies of the same image over and over again.

Also, as someone else noted in another post, allowing <$img:> tags in the custom separator field would be really nice. Might let us all do some fancier ebooks.

Added to the list for 2.4.

I sometimes envision Keith swooping in to improve Scrivener like this:
… But with the complaint/issue/request and Cocoa instead of a killer and regular expressions/PERL.

That’s how you do it, right Keith?