You must own a Mac if you are reading the Scrivener forums. And you must have at least one that has MAC OSX on it because SCR is a OSX product only. So…

Having a hard day? Need some advice or someone to talk to? Need some encouragement to pound out another 35,000 words?


MAC OSX has a free Psychotherapy program that comes with every version of OSX! Ahhh but it is a secret program kinda of like an Easter Egg. But I risk death, dismemberment, and atrocious abuse of the English language to teach you how to receive FREE THERAPY!


Here is how.

Step 1:
Go to your applications folder. Scroll down to your UTILITIES FOLDER and open it.

Step 2:
Find the application TERMINAL and launch it.

Step 3: In the terminal window type


and then hit return.

Step 3:
Press X and ESC at the same time.
(This takes some getting used to. If it doesn’t work, close Terminal and reopen it and start with step 2)

Step 4:


and then hit return

Step 5:

You will be greeted with a message that says:

“I am the psychotherapist. Please, describe your problems. Each time
you are finished talking, type RET twice.”

Type your question then hit return twice.


It is kinda fun to play with, hope you enjoy it. LOL

PS: I know Vick would have fun with this one. :slight_smile:

I was going to say that the “psychologist” actually dates back to Emacs, but you beat me to it.

Very funny. I ended up calling the ‘psychologist’ a moron, but who’s the real moron I should ask. :confused: How about the person who is playing with a computer therapist when she should be working, eh??? Back to it!

Funny Mac thing. Thanks for sharing it.


Psycho the rapist :open_mouth:

Are you sure you lot know just what you`re messing with here :confused:

But, it’s a eunuchs’ psychotherapist, Vic-k!

Ah, another session with Eliza. It’s been years, but we converse with the familiarity of old lovers.

Well, actually, we spend the whole time talking in circles. But that was the whole point of Eliza.

Amber et al.

I shall return later, and acquaint you all, with the darker side of the world of so called therapy.Till then… :smiling_imp:

Le Directeur

I love that program! There’s an OS X widget somewhere that does the same thing, but it doesn’t work as well as Eliza in my opinion. That program alone is reason enough for me to keep an old OS 9 Mac around.

Been there, done that! So, you don’t scare me, Mr. Director. Oh, excuse me, I guess it’s ‘Le Directeur.’ I would say ‘bite me,’ but you just might do it. 8)


Hu. Back in the old times, I spent a lot of time with Eliza. Sometimes, she was more useful than true psycologists. At least, sometimes she seems to understand…


I love easter eggs, I think all software should have them. Although part of me thinks that you’re probably having me on here, and should I try it I’ll end up very egg faced!

It is part of the “emacs”. A holdover from the UNIX Open Source used in OSX.

Want to see some neat and secret stuff that most users will never see?

(1) Go to your finder.
(2) Under the GO menu select GO TO FOLDER (shift + Command + G)
(3) now type this in exactly and click GO


YOu can read most of the documents in Text Edit. Like COOKIES is a recipe or Jokes, etc etc etc.

Bunch of neat stuff

This Pigeon layeth no egg!

oooh, that cookie recipe looks scrummy!

I’ll bet Keith would really like this one:

Q: What do you call a novice hacker [or user] who keeps pestering you
with foolish questions?
A: A gnuisance.

yer all doomed!!!.. doomed!! :open_mouth:

This coming from a man whose councilor is a bottle named Jamison…

You sir have little room to comment.


so… eloquent.

Madam Pink.
You vixen. Be gentle with him, for he is only young :smiling_imp:

Le Directeur

oh Vic, you ebullient fool, the comment was aimed at you.

One time I had a chat with Eliza, and pissed her off so she didn’t want to talk to me.


The computer program told me to go away, and refused to talk even when I apologized and tried to talk to her.