All my Chapters in my Ebook


All my chapters don’t start on a separate page in Scrivener on Windows in my Ebook.

From Scrivener, I compiled the file to *.epub and read it into Kindle Previewer 3. There is no page divider between the chapters. The chapters follow each other on the same page and that is not the intention. What am I doing wrong?

I just started with Scrivener and am testing all the possibilities.

It depends on how you want to solve this. In Scrivener or in Calibre/Sigil.

In Scrivener you might need a New Page Separator Between your Chapters. Check what Section Type the Chapter folders are. Make sure a Section Layout is Assigned to that Section Type.
Double-Click your Compile Format to open the Compile Format Designer and make sure the New Page Separator is selected for your Chapter Section Layout.

Calibre and Sigil are e-book editors. In this case find the DIV that contains a new Chapter and check if the class of that DIV contains a “page-break-before” property that has a value of “true”.

Hope this helps.

Hi, Thanks for your answer. My computer is blocking the *.exe file from Sigil on several websites where you can download Sigil. My(Windows Defender and F-Secure Safe anti-virus programs) are blocking that. I wanted to try it with Sigil.

Perhaps you can respond one more time on the basis of my response when it suits you. Perhaps you know why the program is blocking?

Thanks in advance!

Arend van den Brink

Download Sigil - Sigil-Ebook seems to be the official download location. If that doesn’t work, maybe whitelist this url in your virus protection software?

Groet, Antoni

Thanks for your response. The program will not install on my laptop. I have done what you have written to me, but my computer refuses the installation.

I did discover something in Scrivener, but I’d also like to try Sigil.
I’m sorry it won’t work.
Thanks for your time and attention!