All my documents now in LARGE font. Help to fix please?

Hi, I’m using the latest version of Scrivener 3 (beta) for Windows (version: Beta (415053) 64-bit) on my Windows 10 Pro machine.

Everything has been working mostly fine. I have two problems — one BIG problem and another issue with Styles.

#1. I gave the keyboard command Ctrl+Z to try an undo some changes. Maybe I hit a wrong key or something else, but not ALL my documents in this .scriv file has LARGE TEXT. At the top my text is set for “no Style” Font is Calibri with size 13.

Here’s a clue about what might be the problem: I enabled the Ruler and see that “1” (one inch) in the ruler is almost half way across the Ruler. If I toggle Split to view outline entries (documents), everything looks fine in the other editing pane and the Ruler shows 10 inches or more.

See a screen shot image online here:

So, there is something wrong with my first editing pane. I seems to be Zoomed in. How do I fix this?
** Update ** I was able to Zoom Out using “Ctrl+ -”
But why was this a problem in the first place when I used the keyboard sequence to Undo “Ctrl + Z” ?

#2. I often paste text from web pages, from my web browser (usually Chrome but also from IE). All the pasted text looks like a url link (blue font and all text underlined). I am not able to Remove Style or change the text to be just black text with no underines.

How do I fix such text that does not respond to formatting or styling?

Look at the lower left of that document. You’ve zoomed it to 600%
Click on that and change it to 100% or whatever you find pleasing.

Thanks. Glad the solution to my #1 issue is simple.

Do you have any suggestions about problem #2 ??

Use: Edit -> Paste and Match the Style.

The default shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+V


Have you tried Edit > Remove Link (maybe selecting all first if necessary)?


In addition to the specific options already given to you, The generic option which everyone should know because sometime you’ll need it, is paste into a simple text editor (if you don’t use one, Notepad will do), and copy from that into whatever program you need to remove the formatting from.

The cleverer generic response is to use a clipboard manager like AceText and copy from it to the program you want it in.