All my latest work LOST

Apparently I do not understand Scrivener’s save/backup structure…I am beyond frustrated. This morning I was working on a current project, and when I returned to it awhile later, all my latest additions/edits were gone. In fact, every single thing I had done to the project in the last five days, was gone. Being paranoid about this sort of thing, I had backups (or so I thought) in several different places. Every single supposed backup was the same: the work was gone.

Note: I’ve read that the usual “Save As” I’m accustomed to using is not the best approach in Scrivener; that it’s best to just “Back up to…” And that’s what I’ve done. Apparently not correctly…

Finally I managed to find a “Recovered” file that contained all the RT docs, and therefore all the text, etc.–from the last few days. So I have my work; but I’ll now have to go back and painstakingly recreate the template I’ve been using, to get the project back in order. So I guess I have two questions:

  1. What the heck could have caused this to happen?? and 2) how can I best back up my projects so that I have several secure backups in case something like this occurs again? My 3rd question should be: is there a way to recover the existing project as it was this morning? but I’m guessing there is no way, meaning I’ll have to individually replace about 30 different segments (text in all those varied places.)

Thanks for any guidance. I love scrivener, but I HATE that the save/backup structure would allow this.

You need to provide more details about your current setup, where you save your project, where you directed your backups to go, etc. if you are to get good advice in here.

General answer:
Scriv saves your project every few seconds so there is no need to Save or Save as. It’s automatic.

Check your settings under Tools -> Options -> Backups
Make sure you’re not sending the backups to the same folder where you have the live project.
Make sure you have ticked the box Backup on project close, and to save it as a zip file.
Make sure that you set it to save a reasonable number of backups, maybe 10?

Don’t save your live project on Google Drive.

From tour description it sounds as if you either opened an old version of the project or are saving to a cloud service and opened it on another computer before syncing was complete.

More details please.

Thank you --REALLY appreciated. Should have said: Windows 7 on desktop (where this happened), also use Scrivener on my Dell Inspiron Windows 10 laptop.

I checked and I was saving it to C: drive, which is the same drive the project was created in…is that specific enough? I believe I just set it as whatever the default was when I started using the program. In any case, I changed the path so the backups now go to my data drive.

Why limit the number of backups to 10? (I had it set at 25.) I’ve sometimes found it useful to go wayyyy back and look at a previous version of my work…please explain.

I made sure it was set to “compress to a .zip file” as you suggested. fwiw: I’ve seen that all previous backups were .zip as well.

This will sound like a dumb question, but…: to work on the same project on desktop and laptop, I assume I can just save to a flash drive, then go to Scrivener on the other computer and open the project from “Open” on that computer? I know this is ridiculously basic, but I’m not confident that I understand Scriverner’s basic structure/protocols. I don’t want to run into problems again…ugh.

Also: I am more comfortable having multiple backups of important work, so is there any issue w/doing periodic manual backups of my project? In other words, File–Back up to–and save in other locations as well? I assume this will not interfere w/ the default backup location, where the automatic backups go?

I am inclined to save a .zip backup to Google Drive periodically…any issue with that? I know I’m paranoid…but I’ve had bad experiences in the past and want to avoid another at all costs.