All my options and settings lost in Windows 7

I’ve just moved Scrivener from my old Windows XP desktop to a new desktop running Windows 7. All my options settings are gone, reverted to default, I imagine. I had several dozen keyboard shortcuts, editor set ups, backup procedure, corrections, etc. Nothing remains of my option selections in any of the nine categories under options. Also, I just noticed, my toolbars that I had set up in a convenient pattern.

My project itself seems to be all right, although I haven’t looked at every document. This all just happened a few minutes ago, the first time I opened Scrivener on the new machine. Interestingly, the project opened exactly as I had left it, the same editor split with the documents as they were.

Is there any way to get my preferences back?

If you just installed Scrivener on a new machine, then all the settings are the defaults. If you still have access to your XP machine you can use the “Manage” button in Options there to save your settings as a preference file which you can then copy over to your new machine. This knowledge base article may help you out too if you have other settings you want to transfer.

Thanks, Jennifer.

The old XP machine is still breathing so I’ll try your suggestions. I will need all the settings so I gather from the knowledge base file that there are two items to be copied over, that inner folder and THEN the preferences file.

It doesn’t matter which order you do it in, but yes, you’d want to save your settings from the Options dialog and you’d also want to copy the Scrivener folder in your Application Data. The other thing to check is your Scratch Pad notes–if you had selected a different location for them, e.g. a folder in your user Documents, you’d want to copy that folder over as well. (You may already have done this if it’s in My Documents and you transfered all of that to your new machine.)