All my troubles seemed so far away

Do you ever beat them?
tee hee ha tee merr mrrrww
rrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrrrr

No. Nor do the various felines, such as yourself. I have been known to take up arms again moribund equines and various grimalkins who appear unwanted at the lofts.

are horses. How come you have expiring horses in your pigeon loft?

Careful numpt, y’re pushing it there. We have a Portuguese grimalkin crew member called, Greymalkin. I wouldn’t cross her owner, she has a vicious tongue.

Y’re wasting your time, Floss. He’s a redneck Yank. They don’t do sophisticated humour.

I said “at” not “in”.

Geesh. Some cats.

OK! What are near dead horses doing in your garden near you loft?

Eating the onions. So was the cow, but I figured that the resultant milk would be punishment enough.

I sat down and read a self help book.

After discovering new powers of persuasion I practiced first on the mouthy young.

After much success I shut down a whole concert with the help of a few fiber one bars and some mexican food.

(Read the full story here) … -show.html

Never underestimate the power of airborne poo bombing as a persuasion tool.

Ha harrrgghhhh

It is not


It is


Oh pidg. How edifying. And there are those who doubt the wisdom of you being chosen Scrivener’s Standard Bearer. :confused: ‘Shame on them!’ I say, ‘Shame on them!’ :open_mouth:

Fluff did you have a hand in this?

[size=150]Was the pigeon nude!!? :open_mouth: [/size]

Who would beat a pigeon?

Unless that pigeon was Wock…

But would anyone want to actually beat Wock if he was naked?

[size=60]I did read the article, this is what passes for humor in my neck of the woods.[size]