All of my comments have disappeared

I am really freaked out right now.

I imported my editor’s notes from a Word file and I’ve been going through her comments one at a time – first all the easy punctuation fixes, then the word choices/confusion stuff, and now I’m doing the major plot points. I had to reboot my machine (because when Freedom ends, for some reason, I can’t start Messages without rebooting) and when I went into Scrivener all of the comments were gone.

Please tell me there’s some kind of setting or something I accidentally hit that will bring them back.

This file is not synced anywhere. It also hasn’t been backed up since I began incorporating the notes, so I would have to start at the beginning.

Technical details: I’m running 2.5 under OS 10.9.2. Scrivener was running on its own desktop. The ONLY weird thing I can think of that is that I unhooked my MBA from its external monitor for a few minutes, but Scrivener wasn’t in the main window while the MBA was unhooked.

Two addenda:

  1. the L&L support guy contacted me and said it’s weird that my comments disappeared, because they’re stored external to the main file in .links files. I opened the package content of the file in question and there are lots of files with .links extensions still there.

  2. I went into the damaged file to copy out some of the edits I had made and discovered there are still markers indicating comments in the text (at places where there were comments in earlier drafts). All of these comment markers are AFTER the spot where I was working yesterday. If I click on the comment box/link, nothing happens however. (BEFORE the spot I was at yesterday is completely comment-box-free.)

So, I’ve already told Tech Support about this, but this happened AGAIN today. On a new file (albeit made from a backup of the original file, so I guess if that one was corrupted, the second one would have been too).

I’m more than a little freaked out about this. NOTHING like this has happened with Scrivener before. I’m hoping I can work on this some with Tech Support this weekend.

I don’t know what it is about my setup or my computer or what could have caused this, but I am really concerned about how to move forward at this point with editing my book. I guess I have to create a whole new project, but do I import the editor’s RTF (with comments) again? Or do I open the RTF in Nisus and then Scriv and copy and paste across?