All of sudden vanished weird

Have been using Scrivener since last fall with no issues.

All of a sudden won’t load either from .exe or from project file. The blue swirl of Win 8.1 goes for maybe 10 seconds in both cases but will not open so is visible. Not in hidden tray or anywhere I can find it as I search my 4 screens with nothing but desktops showing.

In Task manager it shows Scrivener (32bit) as a background process taking about 4.4 MB of memory and no CPU time.

Date of exe file is October 2013 - can’t get it to load to find version but probably pre Beta latest.

Only system change was a Windows update day or two ago and haven’t tried it since. I tried rebooting but doesn’t solve it. No problems with any other programs.

This has me stumped other than to reinstall?

Update - even weirder - it works fine on my networked lap top with the project files synced using sugar synch. I’ve had the same configuration almost from the beginning so I can access live on both computers. But program won’t open on PC even with laptop off and running separate Scivener program on lap just sharing or syncing project files.

Update if might help others…

Another problem found - none of 3 printers would send to printer just hung whatever program tried to print from on PC, however a networked Laptop would print to the same printers fine.

Nothing has been changed other than a windows update since I last printed from the PC - longer since ran Schivener.

I went to a restore point before last 2 Windows updates going back about a week.

Lo and beyond … Printers and Scrivener work fine again.