All templates blank, and no images in Scrivener 1.0.1

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty and 11.10 Oneiric, both 64-bit
Running Unity on Oneiric and Gnome 2

EDIT: pngs work, but no other image type does. And I can’t import templates, but I can create new ones from existing projects.
With a fresh install of 1.0.1 for Linux (and yes, I know I built the deb) after a total removal of the old version, all of the template previews are blank, and creating a new project with one of them creates a generic, untemplated project. Already-created projects are fine, as would be expected.

Also (and this has been reported elsewhere), on both systems, trying to drag-and-drop or paste an image into a project just links to the image instead of inserting it.

I’ve been fiddling around with both, but have so far not come up with a solution. With the blank template issue, a temporary workaround is, of course, to create new a template using an existing project or save a copy of an existing project under another name and work in it.

Weird. Ubuntu issue? That is, it doing something strange that other distros aren’t? It works with 10.04, right?

Here’s a couple blank projects.
Blank Recipe.scriv.tar.gz (126 KB) (6.91 KB)

And a blank novel.
blank_novel.scriv.tar.gz (117 KB)

Thanks. I’ve got old projects I could use, but this’ll be much, much cleaner. And yeah, I’m kind of stumped on this. Haven’t tried 10.04, but I’m seeing both bugs in both 11.04 and 11.10.

I’ve been poking at this off an on for a while, but I think I’ve hit the point of diminishing returns. I think it’s got something to do with with 64-bit distros running Gnome, and the new QT 4.7.4 libraries/plugins. (I’d like to blame Unity, but I’ve already excised that abomination from my 11.04 install, to no avail.)

Did you do a completely clean install, or did you copy over a previous beta?

I can still get work done–which is good, because I absolutely must get some writing done tonight–I needs me some sanity, and I needs me some moneys (and okay, I’m excited about the blurb I’m getting on this thing, too), but if no one else comes up with a fix soon, I’ll try the 32-bit *buntu distros and regular old vanilla Debian to see if I can spot what’s going on. What better way to learn, right?

(And if this turns out to be an Ubuntu-specific issue instead of a 64-bit issue, I think maybe it’s time I moved to Debian.)

Did a clean install. Those templates were made with the wine/windows one, but I don’t seem to have any problems with the linux one.

I’ve seen this one before, it’s because of a bug in the windows version of the zip process that creates the template (which is an xml file that has character-encoded binary zip data for both the files and the icon embedded in it). The templates were created on Windows. Apparently the zip bug doesn’t exist in the Linux version, which means they turn to garbage when expanded in Linux.

The work around is to create projects for each of the templates in the Windows version, copy them over to Linux, import each one, saving it as a template. This will preserve everything, including the icon.

There’s an old post somewhere where all this was explained to me; a quick search might turn it up. If I manage to find it I’ll post a link here.



Here’s the old thread:


Yeah I thought about the zip bug, since I’ve bumped into it before, but I compressed all of those outside of Scrivener. (Because I knew the bug would happen)

About that method of exporting “blank” (or rather, untouched) projects from windows, importing them via Linux, and saving the imported projects as templates… well, even though they can be used to create projects, the icon is still blank.

Mind you, I’m using a variety of Linux environments here, including Ubuntu 10.04, Linux Mint LMDE, Kubuntu 11.10, and a few others, so I don’t think that Gnome is the culprit (for once). The blank icon thing did not exist in at least Beta 35. I don’t think it was in 46 either.

The pesky thing about these expired betas is that it would be nice to confirm at which point the new bug appeared – if in fact it is a new bug. But that’s impossible, since they won’t run.

Has anyone experimented with turning back the system clock, say, in a VM?



Dude, I think I may have accidentally re-introduced this bug when I built the .deb. My plate overfloweth, but I’ll get on it ASAP. What I’ve done in the meantime is test two approaches–Creating brand new empty projects in WINE, opening them in Linux, and then saving them as templates or taking existing projects in the Linux version, stripping them of content, and doing the same with them, naming the templates things like NEWNovel and NEWshortstory. Both still with blank icons, but it’s working for me for now. On Ubuntu, at least, these templates are stored in ~/.local/share/data/Scrivener/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates