All text in project disappeared between one session and next

I’ve been using the beta version of Scrivener for a week and am generally really happy with it. This morning I opened my project and all of the index cards were present (with the proper titles and in the right order) but all of the text in them had disappeared. I had saved a backup of the project the previous evening. I am now using the backup of the project so there is no harm done. Is there something I can do to prevent this rather scary problem happening again?

I’m so sorry you’ve run into trouble, and relieved to hear you had a full backup! To clarify, was it the synopses on the cards that were gone or the document text itself (or both)? Did you click around at all in the project and see anything mysteriously come back (as though it were a graphical glitch, rather than the text really being gone)?

The first thing I’d suspect in this case is that one or more files in the project got corrupt somehow–often something that can happen from a sync error, if you’re working with Dropbox or similar service–and that the documents themselves may still be present in the project but just not appearing correctly. You can take a look insider the folder in Windows Explorer to see if there are any “copy” or “conflicted” files; that’d be a tip off.

If you’re willing, you could also send a zipped copy of the project (the whole .scriv folder) to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and we could take a poke at it to perhaps figure out what happened and to prevent its happening again.

Which version of Windows are you running? Are you using any sync tools like Dropbox?

In response to your points:

  • I am using Dropbox so you might be on the right track. I didn’t see any copy or conflicted files but it may nonetheless have been a sync error of some sort.
  • I did click around a bit to see if the text would come back but it didn’t.
  • I don’t have synopses on my cards so I’m not sure if these would have disappeared. I had titles and text and the titles survived but the text disappeared.
  • I am running Windows 7.

I’m afraid I deleted the original project today when I switched to the backup to prevent confusion. I don’t know if the backup (made last night just before I shut the computer off) is any good to you but I will send that to you anyway.

Thanks for the quick response.