All text suddenly blue and underlined Scrivener 3

After adding a footnote to a book project, all text in every page is blue and underlined. There is somehow a link attached but I cannot remove it. This has stopped my progress on my book as it is difficult to read and edit. I tried to select, cut, and paste and match style to no avail. Please help!!! How do I return the project to the way it was?

That sounds like a very unusual result, I haven’t seen any posts relating to that. You should be able to get rid of the condition using the technique I described in your other post, with regards to italics always being underlined.

When you say “every page” though, do you mean in Scrivener, every text item in the binder is linked? It may be worth sending that in to technical support, so the project can be looked into.

Figured the italics out.

The other issue is all text in every file of projects is now blue and underlined. Everything. I contacted support

I just checked other projects. Any project I open now has blue underlined text! This is maddening!

Well the “good news” in that case is that it is extremely unlikely to be an actual formatting bug, rather some kind of odd display bug. It does also potentially mean that we won’t be able to see it when they examine your project.

If you haven’t already, it might be a good idea to export your settings (go to File ▸ Options... and use the Manage button to save your settings to a file), and do a complete uninstall and reinstall. This won’t mess up your activation or anything, it will just reset the installation and your settings.

After doing so, try loading one of the projects you experienced this with, using vanilla settings. If the problem is gone, then use that manage button to import your settings, reload the project and try again.

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Thank you but what is vanilla settings?

Vanilla is another term for default - the settings that are present when the software is first installed

Well I tried it. No dice. Everything is the same. This sucks as I’m stuck in the middle of a book project

So if I open a new project and paste any text into it, the text turns blue and is underlined. I can type text fine and it stays black.

What happens if you paste the text first into Notepad, then copy it from Notepad and paste into Scrivener?

This is a diagnostic test to strip out any potential unwanted formatting that may be coming along.

If that works, then it points to some sort of formatting issue in the source documents in your project, as Notepad is text-only and will strip any such formatting.

if that doesn’t work, something else is going on.

I always paste into notepad first, and all my projects have either been typed or pasted into Notepad. So yes, I can paste and the text is fine, but earlier when I tried the text was blue. But what is strange is if I open any of my projects the text is blue and highlighted, and all my formatting is the same. This is all of a sudden, so it does not make sense. And it’s every single text file in the project- anything that is text. It’s annoying and making my progress difficult. I’m ready to dump Scrivener

When I hover over the linked text, the pop-up says: scrivcmt://OEA1942C8124A99A87DFC271361A753

Try marking the text, then making a Comment on it (Shift+F4). This will make a comment formatting on this. Then delete the comment in the Inspector pane.
This looks like a lost comment to me (not sure why but I had a few of these happen, never had time to report them), and this operation “washes off” the Comment marking.
Is there a chance you had Comments all over that text (or other annotations etc)?

Srebrnafh that worked! Thank you! I had to go through every text file, select all, then insert and delete comment. Now I can’t get rid of the comments. Every time I delete them, they reappear. No big deal but I hope they figure this out. This all started when I added footnotes…

Never mind. When I logged on with my tablet the blue text and underlines are back

So if I start a new project, type some text, then close out of Scrivener and open that new project, it is blue text and underlined. This is a nightmare. If anyone out there can help, I am desperate as I cannot economically work on my project or create new ones. Support never responded to my email.

I hoped it would solve the issue :frowning:
Maybe make a set of screenshots + add what is your default formatting setting? This might allow someone to diagnose what might have gone wrong.

I am really sorry this is happening to you/your projects.

Considering that srebrnafh’s suggestion works in getting rid of the underlines if you do not log on with your tablet or create a new project, I am wondering if you might do the following in order to save this particular project:

  1. Follow srebrnafh’s suggestion to get to the point that you have no underlined text (even though it is a pain to have to go through every text file to do this, and even though you are left with comments showing that you do not want in those text files and the project)

  2. Export those files (or export the whole project) to .RTF

  3. Also Export the project as a back up (i.e., .zip file)

  4. Uninstall Scrivener, and make sure that it does not open (i.e., there are no pieces of it left) on any of your devices

  5. Re-install Scrivener, making sure you open it and close it on one device at a time (i.e., you never try to open it on one device when it is open on other)

  6. Try to Import the back up (.zip file) of the project (without also importing your previously saved project Settings file, under the ‘Manage’ option)

  7. If the above fails, go through the steps from 1 - 5 again, but then Import the .RTFs to rebuild the project (again, without also importing your previously saved project Settings file, under the ‘Manage’ option)

Maybe there is a better way of going about step 5, by creating a different name for the (new version of) the project before importing in .scriv (.zip file in this case) and/or .RTF formats, but I am not yet familiar enough with Scrivener to know how to safely use the ‘Save As’ function to rename the project, and I was reading about the potential complications of using the ‘Save As’ function.

I know that what I have suggested is a lot of work, but it does provide two potential ways of recovering your writing/project information, and also - if this fails - you have eliminated more variables and gained more information about what works and what does not work.

The best of luck.

Thanks I’ll try. The problem with all of this is now I’m behind on my project and I’ve lost all my footnotes when I deleted comments. I’m really starting to regret moving to Scrivener

“Thanks I’ll try. The problem with all of this is now I’m behind on my project and I’ve lost all my footnotes when I deleted comments. I’m really starting to regret moving to Scrivener”

I can imagine.

My heart goes out to you, and I really hope that the support people get back to you, as well - it would be nice to know that they are trying to help.

I can relate to your problem in a way, or at least the potential for me experiencing it, because I recently made a decision to use Scrivener’s screenplay template for a sitcom on which I am collaborating - usually I would write any kind of film or TV project in Movie Magic Screenwriter, and doing this in Scrivener has been a leap of faith because I do not want there to be any kinds of reliability and formatting problems. MMS is rock solid for those kinds of things, or if there are problems, they are usually easily solved.