All text suddenly blue and underlined Scrivener 3

Yes, I’ve written tons of stuff in Scivener with no issues. But this has hijacked me. Your suggestion makes me pause because I believe it’s a platform issue, not file. Every project I open has the same issue. Every new project I start the same. Somehow it’s a display issue. A bug. Still no reply from support

Are you saying that all projects are now opening up in this condition? What about backups that were made before the problem appeared?

Yes, EVERYTHING opened in Scrivener has blue, underlined text. Support got back to me but they have no idea what to do.

You may well be right about it being a platform issue, I have no idea. The important thing is to work through these things methodically, unfortunately.

I would hope that working through things as I suggested (or in a very similar way) would give you some information to go on, particularly the last step of importing a back up file.

I’m waiting to hear from support as I send a project file. It’s definitely a platform issue. When I compile everything looks fine. I can write but everything eventually turns blue…

One thing I know about computers is that all of the signs can point to one cause or another, and it might or might not be the what the signs suggest.

Agree. I’ll try everything. The issue began when I inserted a footnote. The only other thing I did was add some things to the menu toolbar…

UPDATE: So the process gvdv worked, but now should I import my settings?

Never mind- I just re-created the settings. Thank you all! I can write again!

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tawren, I am so glad that you were able to rectify this problem.

Do you think that it was a platform issue?

Yes, I do think it is an issue. I did notice that in the options/editor tab the text was underlined and I could not remove it. But it’s all good now, thanks

tawren, thanks for your reply, and I am glad that this has been sorted out.