[All windows versions] Confusion between vertical and horizontal spliting in documentation and tutorial

All in the title. In mac version, but button for split editor is horizontal bar in box. On Windows, it is vertical bar and do that, split vercitally (left and right, not un and down). In documentation and tutorial it is named “horizontal” even if vertical is shown, and it speaks of “up” and “down” editor.
[Alt] changes the behavior, but still it should be corrected.

Thanks, I’ve made note of how this setting is not saved into projects. It should be remembering which split orientation you used last for each project, including templates and new copies of the tutorial.

You mentioned the documentation refers to the split button as being horizontal by default, I couldn’t find anything like that, do you have the section title for where that statement is made? The only reference to default behaviour I could find was this:

“When initially splitting the editor, a copy of what you’re working on will be created beside the current one….”

This is correct, it is vertical by default in new projects—unless a template has set it otherwise.

Hello AmberV, I was not clear (sorry my english is approximative)
In interactive tutorlal, The basics, Get organised, Splitting the editor, Line 4 contradict the picture.
Also, in most pictures of the manual, the symbol is (horizontal split). So I supposed it was default.

Horizontal is the old default, and some screenshots may have been taken before that was changed. Since each project has its own “default” though, it is not a very strong default.

The tutorial will be fixed.