All you Chronosync users

Hi guys,
I am trying to use Chronosync to keep my two laptops synchronized. One is a MB, the other an MBP both running Leopard.

(Both me and my girlfriend swap which one we use depending on whether we need a lighter one to carry etc. regularly, so we need a way to keep all the files synchronized).

Unfortunately, I am running into a problem if Chronosync detects a Conflict for a file between the two computers. When it does, it prompts with the option of which we want to keep. If I choose the ‘Left’ file, the sync happens fine. But if I choose the ‘Right’ file, Chronosync fails and gives me a file not found error message (eg. If I am syncing Test.rtf, it will give me a ‘Cannot find 0Test.rtf’ message… the ‘0’ file I assume is created so it can confirm the full copy before deleting the original).

I have watched it in the finder, and that 0 file is being created and deleted, but it seems it is being deleted too early.

I have already emailed the developer, but given I know a few people here use Chronosync (this is where I got the link), I thought I would see if this happens to you as well (or if you can tell me what I am doing wrong).


I’m a Chronosync user too and I have crossed some troubles on file sync in Leopard because of permissions. (Alas, Leopard is a little messy with them sometimes.) Can you check if that’s the problem.

Basically you can be trying to sync a file that has problems with the user permissions, or an extra (unknown) user messing around with your system.

I hope the developers of CS can be of more help.