Allow a time/date setting for Session Target

I love the Session Target feature and integrate it with a habit tracker on my phone, inputting my daily word count at night to track my progress. But as it currently works it resets your progress on any close and reopening of Scrivener. It would be magnificent if I could set a Session Target for “Today,” or a chosen time (12:30PM-1:00PM) and track my word count for said duration. I do not tend to leave my laptop on all day and there are also times one needs to reboot or whatever might come up, so maintaining a Session Target based on time period as opposed to single instances of running Scrivener would be so sweet. Sorry if this has been asked, I searched but may have missed it!

This feature already exists for Mac Scrivener, where it’s on the Session Targets tab of the Project Targets/Options pane.

I don’t know if the Windows version has it yet, but if not, it’s coming.


Damn, Mac again ahead of us Windows folk :laughing:

This is the single most desired feature for me, can’t wait for an update!