Allow each computer to have unique display settings for multiple computer use with differing number of monitors


I have a notebook with one monitor and a main computer with six monitors, I save my projects to a server, Saving to the server has worked flawlessly for a year on very large scrivener files when some simple precautions are taken. This allows me to open my project on either my notebook or my main computer. I find it very helpful on the main computer, where I do most of my work, to spread my project over four monitors, with the Binder taking up the entire two monitors to the left and the writing area and projects notes, etc., taking up the two monitors on the right, with the writing areas split so two are showing, with one fitting each monitor. This allows my Binder entries to be full sentences if I like, and also let’s me see large sections of my outline at a single glance. The last two monitors are used for reference materials that are in their own Scrivener projects. So I have three projects open at all times. The main one (taking up four monitors) and two projects I use for reference materials on the last two monitors, along with excel and a few other programs.

The problem is that when I adjust the Binder size to fit on the notebook screen, and then save the project to the server, those changes are carried over to the main computer, requiring me to readjust the binder and other sections displayed on the four monitors.

Please have the display settings in Scrivener saved to the local machine in "Users[User Name]\Local Settings\Scrivener … . Many programs have these type of display settings saved to the local machine to avoid this very problem.

This feature will help all those users who open a single project on multiple computers with different monitor configurations.

Scrivener is a great program. Thanks for all your hard work, and thanks for your consideration.

Have you tried using the Layouts feature? You could quickly switch between a saved layout for multiple monitors and a saved layout for a single, small screen using that feature.

Thanks for the suggestion rdale. Your idea works perfectly.

LL, no need to address this matter.


You might add rdale’s tip on Layouts to the manual. It could fit under the current 6.7 “Tips for Working Cross-Platform”, and 8.6 “Layouts Panel”. Something like a heading of, “How to configure your project to work with different monitor configurations.”

This sounds like an amazing setup! If you don’t mind, what sizes & resolutions are your monitors?

(I don’t have anywhere near enough work space to implement something like this, so this is me living vicariously… :smiley: )