Allow ebook format to embed footnotes


Thanks for the great app. I discovered Scrivener a few years ago (around version 2.something) and recently rediscovered it after a brief foray with Ulysses.

I often use footnotes in my writing as a sort of comedic subtext (if you’ve ever read the Bartimaeus books, or Cosmic Banditos, you’ll get the idea of what I’m referring to).

In paperback form, this works well, as the reader can just dart their eyes down to the bottom of the page as needed, or wait until the reach the end of the page to read the subtext. On kindle devices however, it becomes tedious to tap every time you want to read the footnotes.

When I compile to a paperback format, I want the footnotes displayed at the bottom of the page. However, when I compile the same document for Kindle, I’d like to have the footnotes display basically like inline annotations do.

In my book, Half Worlder, I got around this problem by manually converting the footnotes into bracketed text in the main body of text, which worked decently, but was very tedious to do by hand.

The best workaround I can see so far, is to duplicate the footnote text in an annotation and have annotations left in the ebook version, and footnotes removed, then do the reverse for the paperback compile. But repeating all of the footnote text twice isn’t ideal.

The Plaintext format has the exact set of options I want (Embed Footnotes Inline and Enclosing markers for footnotes).

So my wish list item is to please add those options to the Kindle and/or ebook formats.