Allow hierarchical structure in collections

The problem is described and illustrated well here: [url]]

As macmaniak points out, there are a lot of use cases where it would be helpful to preserve hierarchy in collections.

Even better would be if collections could be hierarchical and reordered without changing the Binder, but with an option to commit any changes made in the collection back to the Binder, so collections could be a non-destructive way of trying out organizational changes.

That would produce mild mayhem in collections that are taken from a diverse scattering throughout various folders—not to mention I think it would be even more confusing and entirely unhelpful to have something like this:

What would even happen if you drag stuff around in there? Nothing that the existing toolkit can manage, I’m sure. It works off of strict parent-child relationships to display indentation—here we have no such thing.

If you do in fact want an entirely freeform sort of playground for your collection, try clicking the binder header bar to load the items into the editor and switch to a freeform corkboard. One can play with spatial properties between index cards to denote “hierarchy”, but it’s going to be about as practically functional as a theoretical hierarchy in a collection could ever be (i.e. not at all).

That seems predicated upon a singular and unerring usage of the feature: as a revisualisation of a single folder. What if these come from all over the place, what does it mean to change the hierarchy of a file from 3 to 6 if it is actually in a folder at level 2? What does it mean to change the order of items based on the collection, if they come from six different places?

Well, as for what can be logically done without too much disturbance, there is already a way of asserting collection order upon a list of items—that is one of its designed intentions. Owing to the flat list nature of collections it will be limited to producing a flat list of items, all gathered together into one place in the binder—but that can all be rather useful stuff if you need it to work that way:

  1. Select all of the items in the collection.
  2. Drag to the binder tab and pause a moment.
  3. Drop into the desired location.

Alternatively, if the drop location is not easily found within the binder tab while dragging:

  1. Click on the collection header bar to load the list into the editor.
  2. Close the collection.
  3. Drag and drop from the editor into the desired location.

If they all came from the same folder initially, then that will have the effect of reordering them within that folder.