Allow imported files in Draft

PDFs (etc.) cannot be placed in the Drafts folder today e.g. I might want to keep it in the relevant section of my draft (as I would in a physical binder) rather than always keep it in Research and insert less-visible links to it in Draft documents or meta-data.

Could this restriction be lifted? I can see these documents being excluded from Compile-like operations, but it would be quite useful in many other ways.

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No, this would just be confusing having a bunch of stuff in there that doesn’t get compiled - some users would expect movie files and images and PDF documents to get folded into the text compile. I think keeping it clean works better, and it forces users to learn that such files aren’t going to be part of the compile.

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Since Scrivener can tell which items cannot be compiled, it can indicate this in several possible ways, even right at the time of importing or placing the import. Possible small inconvenience just once for each item vs. good benefit every time you get reminded about (or need to reference) that import.